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So there's a bit of an explanation to this forum signature I created. It revolves around two private servers that I've been dedicating a bit of time with. The other one won't be named, but the first one being Previse. I was already playing the 2nd server prior to finding Previse. But the moment I joined I was greeted with a stinky Pledge & a stinky Bio. And later down the road met a whole list of friends. That's a different experience from the other server where I haven't spoken a word to anybody, and still managed to achieve greatness, yet I have no friends there.

This forum signature includes my main character, Lara, from Previse. And another character called, 99 Something, on "X" server. I wanted to point out that I'll be officially quitting Previse before I begin. The reason is a simple one. 

Previse GFX


I only joined Previse because I thought it had HD GFX. It doesn't. Might never have it. And that's ultimately a downer for me. I love eye candy. If Runescape 3 didn't have the evolution of retard, I am sorry, I meant combat... I would love it. If there were more private servers that played like Previse but had 614, 667, or 718 revision based graphics, I'd be all over those too. And there are some, but they're horrible. Previse is probably one of the best servers out right now, but that's not enough for me to stick around. The energy I put into hard mode wasn't enough.

If you click here:

>> Siggie Diagram <<

You'll see some content circled by different colors. I'll match those exact colors by utilizing the hex color code of each color provided by my photo manipulation software (luckily). And explain what's going on before I just show you the original at the end of this post.

THIS COLOR - It's a quote I created for myself. It says "WATCHING MYSELF GROW FROM NOTHING". This is the real deal. I've spent a lot of time playing games that don't satisfy me and I never get thru them in a timely manner. I always end up spending too much time talk the talking, and never walk the walking. While I truly prefer to talk all day especially when I am hunting new BFs (insert entire player list here), I'm actually just running away. I want to treat Previse like Runescape 3, come n go, say hi, may/may not do anything, and just Ghost for awhile.

THIS COLOR - MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Well this is pretty straight forward. My love for cows as my spiritual animal or at least one of them for sure... (I <3 iron cow iron cow iron cow iron cow), but my Discord is Moo#8036. (iron cow iron cow iron cow iron cow iron cow iron cow)

THIS COLOR - It's my Previse main character, Lara. Yes, that's my real first name.

THIS COLOR - Is the reflection of my Previse character in the water.

THIS COLOR - Is my unnamed servers main character, 99 Something.

THIS COLOR - Same as the purple, just regular size.

So basically, MOO is mining. 99 Something watches MOO mining, trying to achieve her goals while she has nothing. 99 Something already has plenty of 99's but is irrelevant because she wasn't created on Previse. That's why you can see her fading away. You can see the reflection of MOO in the water as well. And then 99 Something appears behind the signature which is basically saying "IM RIGHT HERE". 

The point of me making this was to be like a parting gift. I wanted to show that Previse is a great server and has a lot going for it. And that's why no one should neglect it as a private server. Sure, 99S has all these fancy shmancy 99's on her back; but MOO is also on Hard Mode. She's 10 HP with 99 Prayer and 92 Mining. Meanwhile 99S has 70 defense, and a handful of non-combat 99's; Thieving being the first.


Anyway, thanks for reading this. If anyone wants a forum signature, feel free to PM me, I will be doing them for free and for fun. I have a few other projects in the works, and have to start creating the one I promised Pledge & his PvM clan, Sinister. I have a big idea for it and it's going to take me 10 years to do it. Well probably about a week. It's a lot of work to do. And I want to use in-game Previse media instead of 3rd party sources, which is going to be even harder.

My 10HP clan doesn't exist. But the CC owner is Lara II. If you see me online, but I am not in CC, I'll be inside that one 100%. Just the way I like it. I have 6 alts, starting from Lara, Lara II, Lara III, Lara IV, Lara V and Lara VI. I think most of them are hard mode, and like 2 or 3... not really sure to be honest are easy mode.

Keep voting for Previse. If you have skills in creating videos, graphic design, or anything like that as a hobby, use it to help Previse out. Don't stick with them for a staff team position. There's no need to moderate the server right now, I think your main priority is to provide skill guides, boss guides, and whatever else you can think of. I wanted intending to create guides like I used to because no one has created any yet, but I am so incredibly lazy and don't feel like doing anything anymore... It's different when I do something I enjoy like seeing the emojis on someone's reply to their forum signatures, fuels me up, and makes me want to explode with farts and the alternative being explosive Diarrhea

And that's all o7 toodles.

I am on Discord. Some of you have added me already. I re-joined Previse Discord for the time being. I will likely leave eventually, I don't like being part of too many servers anyway so it's not anything related to Previse in general. I'll be sending all my noodz to Deci. I will continue flaming Zeus in private messages. Knight is black & white listed (rofl). 

oh and i miss Q.





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