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03/02 Updates Tob and more

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- Now allowed to charge serpertine helmet with any amount of scales.
- Imbued Slayer helmets can now be recoloured.
- [TOB] Fixed an issue when leaving Xarpus room and getting stuck in the wall.
- [TOB] Updated the loot so it will now add to your Collection log.
- [TOB] Nerfed Damages during Sotetseg & Verzik phases ( feedback would be nice).
- [Event Boss] Solak should now only require the 50 damage as intended.
- [Achievements] Will now be able to make anti-venom using antidote++ and zulrah scales. Which will also count towards the achievement diary.
- [Achievements] Fixed "Climb the Slayer tower chain" diary not completing upon climbing it.
- [Achievements] Its now possible to buy a candle via the man at camelot.
- Fixed an issue with wingman skree giving wrong ID of Dragon arrows.

- Buffed Tbow and tcbow inside raids 1 & 2 

30% for tbow 
20% for tcb
- Fixed an achievement issue when lighting with golden tinderbox

New tob rewards

The rewards are as followed 
Standard rate of 1 in 100 for lil verzik
- To hit a purple there is a 1 in 15 chance
after that it will roll a number giving you a 
50% chance of receiving avernic or justiciar 
20% chance of receiving a ghrazi rapier
20% chance of receiving a sanguinesti staff
and finally a 10% chance of receiving a scythe  

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