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  1. Testing GFX - completed (fixed shadows on the side of monsters that was leaking thru) will update this with a better one soon 😄
  2. Lara

    New Forum Signature

    So there's a bit of an explanation to this forum signature I created. It revolves around two private servers that I've been dedicating a bit of time with. The other one won't be named, but the first one being Previse. I was already playing the 2nd server prior to finding Previse. But the moment I joined I was greeted with a stinky Pledge & a stinky Bio. And later down the road met a whole list of friends. That's a different experience from the other server where I haven't spoken a word to anybody, and still managed to achieve greatness, yet I have no friends there. This forum signatur
  3. There's no Official leader. Because no one wants to be lead by someone whose not max. If you have donated over $100, have incredible knowledge of the server, and are part of Sinister, you can pretty much be the Co-Leader or a High Ranking officer. But you must be 10 HP and there's no way around that.
  4. Lara


    I did one of goblin emotes while running into the back of Knight's character while he was afk. This was a common meme thing to do in Runescape 2. It was hilarious when done right, and watching people do it in front of you was also funny. It's like a 2004-6 joke I think. Can't remember. Some servers have awkward pathing therefore emotes are delayed when you try to run and activate at the same time; Well. Previse lets you do it, as you can see in the forum signature :D.
  5. Lara


    So any suggestions I include in this list are entirely cosmetic for the most part. I know the server wants to prioritize gameplay, content, and bugs but there's actually quite a few servers that I've seen in the past who receive suggestions then they neglect them until the end of time. - Client 1) MUTE all sound fx options - Rather than having to actually move the slider to the left every single time the server updates. You could add the option to easily 3-click tap sfx options. It's especially beneficial to those who stream, and run multiple clients at once like I do; it saves
  6. Lara


    yeah but just for fun, and i can't really do anything crazy/professional like those dedicated people who design websites and stuff like that (cause they learned to do that from making siggies)
  7. Lara


    i caught Knight slipping while he was afk, so i went in for the kill probably took me 20 minutes to do this. thanks!
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