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    Lmao what is this
  2. - Now allowed to charge serpertine helmet with any amount of scales. - Imbued Slayer helmets can now be recoloured. - [TOB] Fixed an issue when leaving Xarpus room and getting stuck in the wall. - [TOB] Updated the loot so it will now add to your Collection log. - [TOB] Nerfed Damages during Sotetseg & Verzik phases ( feedback would be nice). - [Event Boss] Solak should now only require the 50 damage as intended. - [Achievements] Will now be able to make anti-venom using antidote++ and zulrah scales. Which will also count towards the achievement diary. - [Achievements] Fixed
  3. oo sexy ill do this on some free time:)
  4. ```- Removed Global Drop of Strawberries - Nerfed Craws bow damage against players - Changed Raids penalty to 20secounds - Hunter will now catch 2 x at once doubling your resource and XP - Overload Heart is reduced to a cooldown of 5mins - [ Global Boss ] only requires 50 damage - Now allowed to place cannon inside smoke dungeon - ::gemq is now a thing:) go support a brother - Fixed morrigans damage glitching inside wilderness - Valentines cosmetics removed from donator shop ```
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    Bingo! (UPDATE)

    Nice work:)
  6. >global boss -drops valentines rewards until feb 15 -drops blood shard -drops red crystal to make corrupted crystal armour using upgrade table -drops solak pet >Valentines Event See #Valentines-Event -abyssal demons drop valentines whip -cosmetic rares added to donor shop -donator rewards and contest -global boss drops valentines rares -global drop of choc-strwberry (heals 30 outside of wild) >added Dragon Hunter Lance to upgrade table >golden tinderbox counts towards fm achievements >changed various texts >
  7. - Jester hat Now provides a visual droprate - Imbued Magic capes now won't be deleted on death but added to bank - Can no longer withdraw items from looting bag inside wilderness - Dragon Shield now matches its OSRS stats - Formula's for hard mode Golden tinderbox have been tweaked Alot of systems on the back end got rewrote to for better perfomance, as always report bugs and suggestions via discord:)
  8. Decipher


    Awesome much appreciate this will add it as a command in game:D
  9. Automated Tournaments Introduced fully automatic pking tournaments that will pick random setups, we will probs run this twice a day 8pm GMT so far another date TBA More features Fixed alot of directions of NPC facing Added raids point boost scroll and ironman revert to afk shop Changed gambling bag to gambing rank in donator store, once redeeming the rank will add a dice bag to your bank Increased Mage rune amounts in the store Ironman Shop - Added Thread and needle , Changed Vials of water to Noted vials of water in ironman shop When compl
  10. Features The cow now has a chance to drop Zeus Moo at a 1/500 Rate ::Claimvote ::Reward will now also be a way to claimvotes Loot table additions - > Wilderness Chest & Skilling Chest loots Seed pod has been added and put inside the vote shop Made it so you can't plant Mithril Seeds on top of other seeds You are now able to use donator scrolls on each other to give them the scroll Updated the guide book to help new players Implemented new system backend which is more efficient and organised for future use some notable stuff is the morph features
  11. Increased the length on the quest tab. Hunter Area - > Npcs closer together and redesigned. Torture, Anguish Ornaments kits on Master Clues. Implemented a Larran Chest some useful notes on this would be - Have to be on a WILDERNESS Slayer Task will drop with a rate of 1/50 - Chest is located in its rightful spot on osrs, West of mage bank. - Any previous Keys (Wilderness 1,2,3) Will have an option to Swap to the new Key Rewards will be listed inside the Loot interface Pyromancer hood will now give bonus xp within firemaking Fixed up the fi
  12. --Moved Section I like this idea will have to collaborate with you on this to make sure its done correctly. Definitely something i want to achieve in future.
  13. We are proud to release an alternative platform for the OG members that like forums. From here on out we will keep an update blog here as well as other snazzy stuff so please make an account and take part!
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